Home and Residential 

Security Alarm System

security keypad

Protect your home from break ins and theft with the most state of the art security system products to keep those burglars far away. We offer transmitters to notify you if someone has opened  a door or window, Keypads that can be used to arm or disarm your home protecting you when your at work or on vacation, motion detectors that spot someone in your home if they even flinch a muscle, and 

Fire Alarm System

smoke detector

Never have to worry about a fire disaster at your home ever again. We have a wide variety of fire alarm products to protect your home and what matters most. We offer smoke detectors that dispatch the fire department the second smoke hits the detector, sirens, horns, and flashing lights, to guarantee that you know theirs a fire going off inside your home. 

Video Surveillance Cameras

surveillance camera

Find out exactly who was trespassing on your property or who broke into your house. We have the clearest and sharpest cameras on the market giving you 1080 HD visibility that will let you zoom in and see a clear face or a license plate from very far away. Record thousands of hours of footage with a recorder or with TotalConnect 2.0 you can view your cameras anytime you like on both Iphone and Andriod, Ipad or tablet, and on your laptop or desktop.

Commercial and Business

Security Alarm System

tuxedo keypad

Protecting your business from burglary or theft is very important to us. Having that peace of mind of knowing that your inventory isn't being stolen will reduce stress and confusion within your company. We provide the greatest commercial security products on the market that covers everything from door and window transmitters, to motion detectors, and intuitive keypads that control weather you want to arm or disarm the security. If you are an owner or a trusted manager you can even arm or disarm the alarm from your phone at anytime and place with Totalconnect 2.0. This mobile app also allows you to see when exactly someone enters your business and when they leave the store with push notifications or email updates.

Fire Alarm System

fire alarm control panel

One of the most devastating things a business owner faces is fire damage. On average over 100,000 business catch fire per year, resulting in millions of dollars in repairs. Catch fires before they spread with the highest quality fire alarm systems. Here at APS we work with the city government to lay out and plan the best possible blueprints to protect your business from fire. We offer the best smoke detectors to date that can spot the instant smoke appears, those detectors then send rapid signals to your local fire department which will stop the fire before it spreads. We provide sires, horns, and strobe lights to notify everyone in the business to leave the premise  immediately. We also install pull stations where customers or employees can manually notify the fire department about fires.

Video Surveillance Cameras

honeywell camera

Knowing what is going on at your business while away or on vacation can provide peace of mind. Check to make sure customers or employees never steal from your inventory again with our crystal clear 1080 HD surveillance cameras. Our cameras can be placed virtually anywhere and can be seen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our camera system links up with a monitor and recorder which saves over thousands of hours of video that you can go back and view any time you like. With TotalConnect 2.0 you can even watch over your business from any place you like with your mobile device, tablet, or computer. You can capture and view who enters and exits your company with clarity enough to see faces or license plates from a very far distance.

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